Selena gomez and jake t austin dating

Jake austin and selena gomez dating - My sunshine u make me so happy love u and u women back off he is mine for goodariana71jan 15, 2015most of yall is right but like really this boy is cute but yall better hope bianca dont come for yall cause yall comin for her man now pipe downyemurai mukudujan 6, 2015i am your biggest fan jake t austin i like you are a nice personlindsey harrissep 25, 2014it's awesome that jake t austin is dating he need a woman in his life cause he is good lookingtruthmay 24, 2014love you, jake! Twittersphere went into meltdown after the news broke, with many fangirls saying their love story gave them hope jake has been acting since 2002 when he appeared in commercials and got his start in showbusiness in 2004, when, at the age of nine, he was cast as the voice of dora's cousin diego on the nickelodeon series dora the explorer. Beginning a career as a child actor at the age of seven, austin is a five-time young artist award nominee, best known for his role as max russo on the disney channel series wizards of waverly place, and as the voice of diego on the nickelodeon animated series go, diego, go! Caesar, 22, from new york, has bagged her disney heartthrobjake is famous for his role as max russo in wizard of waverly placedanielle met him in 2009 and tweeted him for five years jake shared a picture of himself and danielle locking lipsfangirls went into meltdown over the newly announced relationship by.

Selena Gomez Co-Star Jake T. Austin Confirms He's Dating Obsessed Fan

Selena Gomez 'Wizards of Waverley Place' co-star Jake T. Austin confirms he's dating an obsessed super fan Danielle Ceaser to ...