The ten commandments date

The ten commandments date - According to the press release, "the remaining four new commandments act as a real sign of the times focusing around not being motivated by greed following the mps' expenses scandal, not committing acts of terrorism, respecting and protecting the planet, and respecting all people regardless of race, religion or sexuality. Many scholars believe that the dead sea scrolls, including the ten commandments scroll, were written by members of a sect who broke away from mainstream judaism and lived in the desert from the 3rd century bce until 68 ce, when their community was destroyed by the romans. Between 50 bce and 1 bce (before the common era) significance of this scrollthis ten commandments scroll is the oldest known text of the ten commandments on parchment, as well as the most complete and the best preserved. Thus, in spite of what the research actually said, the pr line remained:Research conducted … reveals that many of the commandments are now seen as outdated and irrelevant to modern life in the uk.

If the 10 Commandments Were Written Today

Commandment one: thou shalt not say 'everything is the worst'! See more LIKE us on: ...