Please note we are located in Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire and any family wishing to rehome from ourselves must be willing to travel to undertake a rehoming interview with ourselves before a decision is made on a dog and suitability. This will also be followed up with a visit to your home.

Biddie! Or Batty Biddie as she is known, is a 5 year old greyhound girl and an absolute joy and do not let her age put you off!  She is one of the most vibrant and characterful Greyhound girls we have ever met. It was so hard to get photos of her as she is always pulling some sort of daft face or literally just about to bounce towards me in glee and happiness!

You can not help but laugh and smile when Biddie is around. She has so many silly little quirks - her only slightly annoying one is that when you walk her she pokes you! If she can not poke you she pokes the other dogs. She just loves attention and affection and is constantly asking for a fuss. We feel Biddie would be best suited in the beginning to the only dog in the home, in time though once she has worked out homelife we do feel she would settle with and accept a male hound addition to her life. She is not cat and small furry friendly but can live with dog savvy children aged 6 years and upwards. As Biddie is an ex racing Greyhound she needs a sensible home who realise that she needs continued safe socialisation around other breeds of dogs.

Although Biddie is currently with us here in kennels she works hard to keep her kennel clean so we do not envisage housetraining will be a problem. Bar the poking (!) she walks relatively well on lead and travels like a dream settling down to sleep. Biddie is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped, spayed and has received a dental.

Please note Biddie is in Stoke on Trent and anyone wishing to offer her a home must be willing to travel with all members of the immediate family to meet with her.
For more information or to be considered to adopt one of our wonderful dogs please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below