Please be aware that Greyhound Gap are based in Staffordshire and in normal circumstances do home throughout the UK.   However, due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, there may be some instances where it will not be possible to arrange suitable home visits.  We will, of course, try to be as flexible possible but there may be some areas we just cannot currently cover. All potential adopters will be expected to travel to our kennels to undertake our interview process in order to enable us to go through our adoption matching process.

Fletch is an absolutely fantastic boy. He can live with a very dog savy cat and is brilliant out on walks with all dogs he meets and will be fine with children 6 years and upwards. He can be quite an anxious boy though and we feel would be best suited to a home with a playful female dog and owners who are around all of the time especially in the beginning. Fletch had an awful life before coming to us here at Greyhound Gap and was subjected to quite the beating on more than one occasion. This hasn't marred his love of humans BUT it does mean he can get frightened and upset when left alone. A home with experience of patiently working through separation anxiety alongside us as a rescue is a must.

Fletch is sharp thanks to his collie genes. So sharp infact he could cut himself and thrives in an environment with stimulus and enrichment. He absolutely loves to work for his food so plenty of games with his daily meals really helps him to relax alongside good daily walks. Fletch needs a home with a garden to play in and be able to enjoy outside time.

Fletch is 2 1/2 and is vaccinated, kennel cough vaccinated, neutered, has received a dental and is de flead and de wormed.

Fletch has recently been in a foster home with a family on a canal boat. Sadly through absolutely no fault of his own we collected him back.   Although Fletch did not, and we can not emphasise that enough, put a foot wrong the family were very honest and said they felt he wasn't a good fit for their lifestyle as he had too much energy. So many times I see rescues criticised for not rehoming to families on canal boats and we are not one of them. It does though need noting that they are often quite stressful environments for dogs especially sighthounds in the early days as there movement patterns are restricted and the comings and goings of busy boatyards and other dogs running around off lead etc and constantly coming and going right outside your window in the early days can be particularly mind blowing.

We want Fletchs next move to be his last as he is a dog that has endured so much upset in his short life so homes only committed to understanding although his classic behaviour for a lurcher reads as chocolate box there is work to do with his confidence building. Fletch is just a genuinely nice good hearted boy who deserves to find the right family home to finally be able to unpack his baggage.

If you are interested in offering Fletch a home in the first instance please complete the pre adoption questionnaire below: