Please be aware that Greyhound Gap are based in Staffordshire and in normal circumstances do home throughout the UK.   However, due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, there may be some instances where it will not be possible to arrange suitable home visits.  We will, of course, try to be as flexible possible but there may be some areas we just cannot currently cover. All potential adopters will be expected to travel to our kennels to undertake our interview process in order to enable us to go through our adoption matching process.

Lucy is 2 years old and is currently with us here at Greyhound Gap.

Lucy came to us having not been in the best situations. She was kept outside in a yard and was getting vocal and more and more upset at being left to her own devices all the time. It was also clear to see that her exercise and socialisation needs had not been met.

Since landing with us here at Greyhound Gap she has gone from being reactive to other dogs to being able to walk calmly alongside others at a distance out on walks. She will also in the main now ignore other dogs who she may see when out and about. We feel unless a very experienced lurcher owner with a very calm male lurcher that Lucy would be best placed as an only dog. We believe that she is a heavy set mix of greyhound, bearded collie and bull if she gets upset or frightened whilst settling it may lead to spats and she is a heavy set fast girl. Ideally she would be an only dog in a lurcher experienced home with someone around all or most of the time especially to begin with to work with us to settling her down to a point she is comfortable to be left for short periods.

Lucy was very unsettled with us here at the kennels when she first landed but is now happy to settle and have quiet time, she is starting to have periods where she understands she can not have company all the time and does love her free time with us all and out on her walks.

Lucy is NOT cat friendly and can be rehomed with dog savy children 10 years and upwards in a lurcher experienced home. We feel with sensible owners willing to give her good on lead levels of exercise and continued investment in time she will make an amazing loyal dog. Lucy is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and spayed.

If you are interested in offering Lucy a home in the first instance please complete the pre adoption questionnaire.

Please note due to the current situation with Covid 19 priority will be given to homes in and around Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. Other areas may be considered but this will very much be on a case by case basis and at the rescues discretion as some areas are not tenable for us to carry out necessary due diligence in at the moment.