Standing Tall - CD Album

Standing Tall is a collection of original songs in a modern ‘folky’ style by singer/songwriter Sara Lesley. All proceeds from this album sale will go directly to Greyhound Gap.

Produced by Matt Bishop at Inspire Music, the tracks brim with sincerity. As pointy-faced dog lovers, you may be moved to tears at ‘Toby’, a song written by Sara in memory of her beautiful rescue lurcher boy. (there’s a picture of him on the inside cover). She rescued him at age 11 and he was with her for four years. She now has another old lurcher boy - Jingles (a Gap dog) to share her life with.

There are an array of exceptional professional musicians playing with Sara on Standing Tall – Matt Bishop (guitar), Chris Cliff (bass and double bass), Kathleen Ord (violin), Scott Ralph (percussion and brass), Nigel Bowers (saxophone), John Askey (bass and vocals) and Mell Ellis / Andy Candles (vocals).

Please click the links below to hear samples of two tracks from the album:

Love's Coming Home - click to listen to sample

Toby - click to listen to sample

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