Morse is now 10 weeks old and is the last one of Dots precious puppies to be looking for a home. He has spent the last couple of weeks in foster with one of our staff team until he was ready for rehoming.

Of the boys at first Morse was much shyer and a little timid compared to his black and tan bruiser Brothers. Now his confidence has grown and he is now such a lovely well behaved boy. He is now crate trained, house training is well under way and okay to be left for very small periods of time.

Morse needs an experienced sighthound home preferably with his own kind. However with that comes the need for them to be stable and well socialised and have impulse control around small dogs. He could live with a calm female or equally a mixed pack but one male dog alone may not be the best match as he grew. His current foster Sister Ruby is huge and he more than holds his own during play. If Morse were to be an only dog it would need to be with someone with dog experience and the ability to be around all or most of the time. He is young, a baby and he needs investing in. Morse can be rehomed with dog savy cats and dog savvy children but please do understand puppies do and will nip.

Morse has been regularly wormed with panacur at 2, 4 & 6 weeks old. He will start milbermax at 10 weeks and this will need to be done monthly until he is 6 months old. He has received the first of her three primary vaccines the second due at ten weeks and is kennel cough vaccinated and microchipped too. Morse will need to be neutered at a relevant age with discussions with us as a rescue. Failure to comply will mean reclaim by ourselves as a charity and we will be vetting homes thoroughly to ensure we absolutely trust this will be carried out. All other dogs in the home must be neutered.
If you are interested in offering Morse a SUITABLE home that fits his needs in the first instance please complete the pre adoption questionnaire below