Please note due to Covid 19 restrictions we are currently only rehoming dogs in and around Staffordshire. There are some instances where we can make exceptions for those further afield namely those who have already been assessed and adopted from us and in some instances if possible those with previous Rottweiler experience.

Tommy is a 3 year old Rottweiler boy who needs an experienced Rottweiler home with NO OTHER PETS and no children under pre teens.

As a Greyhound Rescue please do not inform us we do not know about Rottweilers needs and that he will be fine living with another male or indeed other pets he wont. Rottweilers are a breed I was fortunate enough to grow up with so they are absolutely not a breed we do not understand. We have also spoken with a breed rescue to ensure full clarity and they agree with ourselves whole heartedly.

Tommy is an absolutely wonderful boy. With those he knows and loves he is a typically sappy male Rottweiler, slightly mardy and daft and ever so dramatic at times should he tap a toe. However, out and about outside of his home he is a big strong dog who although able to walk in the main and ignore other dogs has no desire to mix. He most definitely needs an owner who is capable of understanding this and respecting it. Likewise out on walks he needs more socialisation with strangers. Although he loves people he can at time be a little over protective of those walking him especially if people rush past or towards them. So an owner sensible and capable of controlling him to keep him calm in instances like this is a must.

All that said Tommy is an excellent family dog. He loves nothing more than to roll, laze on the sofa, play football in the garden and he travels like a dream. He is non destructive and is fine left for short periods of time as long as he is given something to do. He loves toys and especially enrichment toys that contain food and large chew bones. Ideally Tommy most definitely needs a home with someone around all or most of the time. When Tommy landed with us he was showing signs of mild hip dysplasia. With controlled excercise gradually built up we are extremely pleased to say his last hip x rays showed that this had been rectified.

Tommy is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped, neutered has received a dental and will be rehomed with one months free insurance from Petplan. If you are interested in learning more about adopting one of the dogs in our care please do in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below: