Yesterday was a very proud and very emotional day for Greyhound Gap and everyone in the Save the Macau Greyhounds team.

The first five greyhounds to arrive in the UK from the Macau Canidrome arrived safely at London Heathrow to a warm and emotional welcome from the awaiting welcoming committee, made up of some of the Gap team and members of the Save the Macau Greyhounds/Pet Levrieri support team. In all 532 greyhounds are being rescued from the Macau Canidrome, a now defunct track that  had a total kill policy. These 532 dogs are the only survivors in 50 years of racing.

The first five have now safely arrived at Greyhound Gap and will be given time to settle in, recover fully from their long trip and receive any veterinary treatments required, prior to being assessed and matched in due course to the most suitable adoptive families.

Today they have woken up, ready for the first day of their new lives in the UK (albeit a little colder to what they are used to)!

Many thanks to Albano Martins and everyone in the Save the Macau Greyhounds team in Europe (Pet levrieri) and in Macau (Anima Macau) who has worked so hard to make this happen. Thank you also to all the Canidrome volunteers who have cared for the dogs for months.

Welcome to the UK and happy new lives to Speedy Quick Quick, Happy Buddies (Ballinulty Star), Oyster Crown, Oyster Color, and As Boy!

Images by kind permission of Gavin Erickson

As you know we were recently lucky enough to have been awarded grants from Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust and Kennel Club Charitable Trust for the purchase of a replacement van.  Well... here she is in all her glory.  Please welcome "Bertha" to the Gap family!


We need to say a massive massive thank you to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and The Jean Sainsburys Animal Welfare Trust who made this all possible, to Motorkraft for their fabulous custom fit out, for listening to what we wanted from a new vehicle to safely carry dogs and for installing safe little night lights in each cage for when we are transporting at night - a lovely touch which they did for us without us asking.  And last but by no means least, to A2B graphic Design for the decals - we think she looks stunning! 

Bertha has a lot to live up to after our old work horse, Bessie and the countless lives she has saved, but we were adamant we would not replace a vehicle just because we could but because we had too.  Bessie served us well for 12 years and covered many thousands of miles but it was costing more and more to try to keep her on the road, bless her.

So please raise a glass to Bertha, for more future lives saved and a toast to poor Bessie as she gets relegated to shorter runs and local fundraising event after doing all the long haul until now. 

Greyhound Gap are recruiting for a new Volunteer Book Keeper!  


We are very pleased and proud to confirm our acceptance as members here at Greyhound Gap of the ADCH (Association of Dogs and Cats Homes).

The ADCH promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats. As an organisation we appreciate the importance of best practice and welcome membership as the ADCH has a code of conduct to work towards that we are happy to continue striving towards continuance of. It also allows us greater networking opportunities with fellow welfare organisations to continue our information sharing, learning and growth. Huge thanks also to our volunteer assessors Laura and David for visiting and putting us through our paces.