Greyhound Gap are recruiting for a new Volunteer Book Keeper!  


We  have a MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to say to the below 2 grant making organisations

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust


Kennel Club Charitable Trust

As you know in December last year we were lucky enough to purchase the kennels premises instead of remaining here on a rental basis! That literally secured Greyhound Gaps future as a rescue for however long it was needed. Typically once we had secured purchase and used reserves to fund the deposit our much loved rescue van Bessie started to show how upset, ill and tired she was after years of loyal service and saving hundreds if not thousands of lives.

We are over the moon to say that both the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust have awarded us a grant of £10,000 each. That means that we now have £20,000 to source a suitable relatively new van with low mileage and hopefully years of service in her and to get her fully professionally kitted out and ready for action.

Grant making trusts like this are IMPERATIVE to little charities such as ourselves when expensive capital purchases are necessary and we honestly can not thank them enough. Just from the bottom of all our hearts and the dogs the van will go onto saves hearts thank you!

Now Lisa, our founder, has to deal with the emotional trauma of Bessie being retired - she is has great affection for Bessie who has helped countless dogs to safety and new lives. 



We are very pleased and proud to confirm our acceptance as members here at Greyhound Gap of the ADCH (Association of Dogs and Cats Homes).

The ADCH promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats. As an organisation we appreciate the importance of best practice and welcome membership as the ADCH has a code of conduct to work towards that we are happy to continue striving towards continuance of. It also allows us greater networking opportunities with fellow welfare organisations to continue our information sharing, learning and growth. Huge thanks also to our volunteer assessors Laura and David for visiting and putting us through our paces.

At the end of 2017 Petplan and The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes begin nominations for their annual Animal Charity Awards. The awards were launched in 2013 to celebrate the exceptional work of animal charities and non-profit organisations across the UK, the awards offer recognition for dedication, perseverance and commitment of teams, employees and volunteers.

Today we received a very exciting phone call to tell us that Greyhound Gap are finalists in the Animal Charity Team of the Year award!

We need to say a huge huge thank you to all our followers and supporters who took the time to nominate Greyhound Gap in the awards, we are so so proud of our fabulous, dedicated, amazing team - well done guys!

The award ceremony will be held on 25th April in Birmingham.  All that remains is to work out which frocks looks best with wellies!!



Well Merry Christmas to us all!!! We have only gone and bloody done it!

Greyhound Gap are now, in time for Christmas, the VERY PROUD OWNERS OF GRINDLESTONE KENNELS!

It is now officially the home of Greyhound Gap forever. Our dogs are safe for life and guaranteed a future and that will hopefully if needed be for generations to come.

It is hard to believe that a little charity that started behind a computer just 14 years ago has come so far and that is down to EVERYONE and I mean literally EVERYONE who has gotten behind us in any way shape or form over the last 14 years, believing in us and our work. Those donating, volunteering, fundraising and even just as simple as sharing.

You are all absolutely AMAZEBALLS!

We have only gone and bloody well done it. 8 months of stress and behind the scenes work and we can now relax just in time for Christmas.

We need to say a huge thank you to our landlord Kevin Carty for allowing us the opportunity to rent with right to buy, Simon Thorrington and Claire Garbett and all the team at Charities Bank who helped us secure our mortgage and to Stephen Percy our wonderful solicitor who has had to put up with more than his share of hassle and agro off us all especially the last 2 weeks whilst we hounded him relentlessly. You are all wonderful and very much appreciated.

So there is nothing else more to say than THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE WHOLE TEAM.