COVID-19 Update


After a lot of soul searching and consideration of all the official information coming from the government, the Trustees have decided to cease new rehoming applications with immediate effect for the next few weeks. Obviously this will remain under review.

A number of thought processes have bought us to this decision:-

We appreciate that self isolation appeals to people as an ideal time to settle a new dog in especially those facing longer periods of time. That though is not a given. Longer periods of time at home with a new dog when returning to full time work is not necessarily the best option and could create major issues for the dog in the future.

Long periods of self isolation with the whole family can be a very stressful time. This stress can and will impact on a new hound.

The movement of dogs is non essential travel so we cannot arrange for people to meet a dog and take the dog home. More importantly, should one of our hounds prove to not settle meaning return to us as a charity is necessary this would then be impossible leaving our dog at risk.

All this aside, the main and current most important factor is social distancing. We feel it’s imperative that we adhere to the Government’s requirements and should look to play our part. We do not wish to risk homevisitors and likewise we do not wish to risk our staff by admitting people to the property whose social history is not known to us, likewise ours not known to them.

It has been very hard to take this decision but we feel it is absolutely the right decision for us as a charity. We look forward to opening the rehoming procedure as soon as safe and practical to do so.


Please note the text below is the usual wording displayed on this page, however the link to the pre-adoption questionnaire has been disabled for this period


The dogs listed here are those that have completed their assessments and are ready for rehoming. Please click on the thumbnails below to view the details of each dog via our forum.   Those marked with a cat symbol may have the potential to be homed with cats.

Our dogs that are ready for rehoming are either in foster homes or at our kennels in Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent.  Many of our kennel dogs would benefit from the offer of a foster home.

If you are interested in adopting, or fostering, one of our dogs, please take a moment to complete our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire if you have not already done so.